Ripoff & Deploy The EXACT Listing System & Processes We Used To Sell Over

$75m Last Year


Just The 3 Of Us. No Big Teams. No Army of Admins. Lean Mean Profit Machines.


We get it.  You want to deliver incredible customer service and a 'WOW' experience to every client. 

But between marketing, lead generation, showings, negotiations, inspections, and well...

LIFE -getting a true system in place gets put on the back burner. 


130+ Point Listing Blueprint

Our proven, step by step process that starts with your first conversation with the Buyer to closing & beyond. Includes special touches that WOW your clients every single time. Here's a taste of what's included:

130+ Point Checklist

Referral Reward Ideas

Our 'Secret Sauce' Touchpoints

Utility Questionnaire

Closing Gift Guide


Copy & Paste Templates

Guides, graphics and every e-mail you need to land from listing appointment to post close while delivering an incredible client experience. Fully customizable for you to easily brand including:

Scripts To Get In The Door

Pre-Listing Packet & Listing Presentation

Seller Intake Form

Under Contract Timeline

Moving Checklist  

30+ Emails You Can Copy & Paste and Send To Your Clients Starting TODAY


THREE 90 Minute Coaching Calls

From lead generation & buyer presentations to to sharpening your negotiation skills...we're unloading ALL our secrets to selling more home that you dreamed of.

Session 1: Lead Generation & Sales

Session 2: Mastering The Listing Appointment

Session 3: Perfecting Your Client Experience

Coaching calls stay in your dashboard to reference over and over again. 



Whether you're a seasoned veteran agent or brand new, you'll find exactly what you need to level up!


Are You Getting 7+ Referrals From Every Past Client?

The typical client will send the average agent 6.7 referrals over the life of your business relationship. 

But you're a GREAT agent! A GREAT agent will receive closer to 10 referrals.

Are you getting that kind of action from YOUR past clients? 

If not, you're doing it wrong. The good news is, it's simple, easy tweaks you can add to your process that will build the referral business you've been dreaming of. 

Snag our tired and true client experience blueprint. If you can copy & paste, you can implement immediately! 

Zero brain damage. Exponential results. 

Yes Please! I NEED This!

Stop Wasting Your Precious Time 

  • Constantly feel like you don't have enough time? 
  • Always on the run, putting out fires?
  • Do you find yourself writing the same e-mails over and over again?
  • Constantly feel like your clients are chasing you down for transaction updates?
  • Waking up in the middle of the night in panic..."Shoot. Did I send my Seller that document?"

Sleep easy knowing you have the perfect system in place to ensure EVERY SELLER is getting the same amazing Nordstrom level treatment and nothing is falling through the cracks!


Get Your Time Back Here


Don't Take It From Us... Hear What Our Girls With Grit Think About Our Systems!


If you've been waiting, wondering, hesitating - DO NOT wait any longer. The Buyer System is pure GOLD! Yes, I've been in real estate ten years and yes I have lots of this information scattered throughout my one drive but this system took everything I've ever done and put it in one big happy place and added all the bells, whistles and glitter that you could want.  Your buyers will be speechless at the amount of communication you give them if you follow this system. Don't believe me, take the amount of money you make an hour and multiply it times 120 hours (I estimate at a minimum if you had to put something together yourself it would take at least that long - but most likely longer, much longer.) Run!!!! The sale is almost over and you will be sick if you miss it!

-Renee O.



 I can do Canva, I can write emails, create cute pop-bys, create guides and all the things. But have I, NOPE! I haven’t done a lot of sales production because I’ve managed a team and I flipped houses for the past 8 years. Contractors don’t care about organized marketing and emails lol.
Never have I EVER in 18 years created a well thought out month by month system, templates, 30 emails? Yah, I probably send that many,  but reactive not proactive and well written to make my clients think I’m a total rock star? Nope. Because my brain doesn’t work like that! And it’s ok. I have had an amazing career. It’s just smart biz sense to align yourself with amazing agents who do all the things you aren’t good at! And leverage the kind hearted, savvy, scrappy, gritty girls who are in the thick of it, and are willing to share their BKMs (best known methods) with all of us. It’s a no-brainer to me. I am excited to have a tribe to learn from, grow with and run with!Invest in yourself, in your career and your future clients! They deserve it and so do you! And it’s a write off!!

-Gennifer M.


I just bought the Buyer System and could not be more excited! I have always wanted to have a legitimate system in place and honestly didn’t know where to start. (Newer agent) Going into 2023 knowing that I can check this off of my list and knowing I will be getting SO MUCH out of it has me so excited!!! Plus, knowing the elevated value I will be bringing to my clients, so very excited! I have signed up for many webinars, in person events, etc and I have NEVER EVER had a  group or anything resonate with me like Girls With Grit! They bring SO MUCH value to the table! The Monday calls are awesome!!!! Full disclosure I would have also had full FOMO if I didn’t because I know I would be missing a TON of valuable info!  Let’s go!!!!!! 

-Kristi C.