Elite Coaching

A 1-year, business development and mastermind course with coaching for women in real estate.

 Sound Familiar?

Raise Your Hand If You Can Relate

You have great ideas to build your real estate business, but struggle to break through and achieve your sales goals. You may even find yourself paralyzed... Fearful of taking new steps or trying new strategies. Not sure how you are seeing others selling 50, 100, 200 homes per year and you’re stuck at 20.

We know your broker is teaching you tactics from the stone age. They don’t even attempt to wrap it in a bow. The methods are outdated, super salesy, and don’t feel authentic to you! No, we didn’t hack your office and read your mail. We’ve just been there, done that, and want to help you!!

Staying in the same place is not an option!

Let Me Guess...

We've got what you're looking for

Elite Coaching

The Girls With Grit™ are opening our playbooks and showing you the exact same tactics we used to sell 100 million dollars worth of Real Estate in 2021 ALONE!

We want to help YOU go FURTHER, FASTER!


What's Included?

Girls with Grit Elite Coaching is a 1-year business development and mastermind intensive course...WITH coaching!

This self paced, module-based business development training paired with live instruction and interactive group masterminds will change you and your business.

So... What does that actually look like? You can be dang sure you’ll get:

Realtors Coaching Realtors

Girls with Grit Collective was founded in 2021 by three top producing real estate agents who were tired of seeing the same training manuals over and over again. We committed to share our knowledge with women across the nation that share our same space.

What if...